[FoRK] great hackers

Joseph S. Barrera III joe at barrera.org
Thu Aug 5 18:26:07 PDT 2004

Owen Byrne wrote:

>  And here is another little kibitz. People who are incompetent
>  generally rate themselves as "above-average." So if the uber-hacker
>  exists - how would they rate themselves? I would suggest that they
>  would be plagued by self-doubts and probably not rate themselves high
>  at all.

Well crap! I'm so full of self-doubts, I must be brilliant!!!

- Joe

P.S. Nah, that's just fucked up. Never mind. Stupid STUPID Joe...

P.S. Good fiction works that address the paradox of self-doubt:

1. Infinite Jest <http://www.smallbytes.net/~bobkat/jest1a.html>
2. Haibane Renmei <http://magazine.anipike.com/index.php?review=159>
3. The Bible (uh oh, I didn't just call the Bible "fiction", did I? ...)

P.S. I *still* think Java is one of the best languages I've seen.
Although it would be highly entertaining to see an OO Algol 68.

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