[FoRK] Popularity of Programming Languages

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Aug 5 18:29:34 PDT 2004

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Owen Byrne writes:
> Interpreted languages are the way to go for the simple reason that
> programmer time - more now than ever - is a scarce resource.

Yep: the speed of development (programmer time) is more important
now than the speed of the resulting code.

Also, CPUs are fast, and OS-level interactions (in other words, system
calls) are what causes the majority of slowness in modern code, if you ask
me.  Whether those system calls are made from perl, C or java is
immaterial; what's more important is knowing how to avoid the *really*
slow ones!

> .NET is all about customer lock-in - and customers are staying away in
> droves.

Plus, most projects I've worked on (or talked to people who've done so)
recently, would not do anything as stupid as lock their customers down
to one platform if they can avoid it.  Even when Linux is discounted, an
increasing number of the leading edge (including the people you'd have to
sell to) are using MacOS X.  Right now it looks like MS has lost that

- --j.
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