[FoRK] great hackers

Gavin Thomas Nicol gtn at rbii.com
Thu Aug 5 21:19:31 PDT 2004

On Thursday 05 August 2004 22:30, Owen Byrne wrote:
> Ok - You just volunteered as an expert (anyone else can volunteer too).
> I want to just do a simple dynamic jsp page.  Take one field from one
> row in an sql table and display its value on a web page - tomcat 3, 4 or
> 5 (I've tried them all), mysql or postgres, java 1.4.2. Tell me what
> moving parts I need and a rough outline of code. (all I need is someway
> to connect to a db) and where they go in the file system. (or point me
> to a tutorial that actually works). The examples included with tomcat
> don't seem to understand the concept of a database-backed website.

There's a difference between Java and the various bits of Apache code. Java, 
the language isn't bad (especially when augmented with Groovy or ECMAScript), 
but a lot of the _crap_ around it truly sucks. The whole EJB thing, for 
example... what a mess. Sadly, Java has attracted a lot of hacks, big 
corporations, and a lot of OO bigots (got to have a pattern fix today) that 
have made the *environment* very confusing and hard to use.

The best thing to come to JSP-land is JSTL... JSP's should have been done that 
way from day one, but like most web technologies, a bunch of clueless hacks 
made something shitty popular, and then it got standardized.

FWIW. I think that PHP sucks just as badly as JSP's... a lot of the PHP 
applications require a whole bunch of infrastructure, are poorly architected, 
and are a royal pain in the arse to maintain, Zope likewise... you can write 
crappy code/crappy applications in any language if you try hard enough.

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