[FoRK] From the "oops" department

Steve Nordquist signa at birch.net
Sun Aug 8 10:28:18 PDT 2004

Someone's been hitting the vitamin D, doing their errands in a driverless
car, and hanging the clothesline high.

>> Okay, let's... So you were saying you're going to drop your magic box
>> where? Point being, somebody is going to own that land, however remote.
> Most of the land on this planet is barren, remote, and ridiculously cheap in
> comparison in major urban areas. There's Nevada and Arizona, in California's
> own backyard. Parts of Canada is good, too, but has less insolation.

This has been a paid advertisment for the Saskatchewan Happy Fun Group.

>> Further, both you and I know that food and water don't come from thin
> Potable water is a side product from air conditioning. The same magic box
> will run a ton of it, or so, in a closed circuit. Let's also say it generates
> food. Don't forget it renders pretty good artificial reality, too (time of
> flight via LEO relay is small enough so you can go places without leaving
> your home bubble).
I'm coal mining and ironing and in a rubgy scrum at the same time!

> So what will happen to the real estate market then? Sure, this is at least half a
> century away. Maybe even a century.
>> air and, hate to say it, someone will own your local watershed too. Last
>> I heard, transportation of goods (e.g. food) was more expensive the
>> further it had to be transported... Hmm, maybe there's a reason people
>> tend to live in communities...?
Fry's?  So you can get stuff when Fry's is closed?  What?  I can't hear
you, my house is running a kids' birthday party and I'm dodging LEO craft.
I've chosen to support San Bernardino and Ireland for land this year.

> It's the infrastructure costs, commute and entertainment distance. Even in
> absence of magic boxes, Internet from the skies (but not via GEO), wall-sized
> displays (projectors, or video wallpaper) and cheap solar power can at least
> decouple a great many number of people from metropoleis. With agrobots, and
> enough precipitation/irrigation growing your own veggies is also an option.
What's disconcerting is that the nanos don't 'flush', and that I really
am excreting gold to all appearances, and that sometimes it's gold that
smells like basil and tomatoes or a spare plenum cat14.

>> Don't get me wrong, I'm all for you living off the grid, getting back to
>> the roots and all - just let me know when you're interested in buying
>> the land I've acquired so you'll have somewhere to put your magic box.  ;-)
> How many square meters does it need, you think? If square meters down here
> are starting to run short, and simultaneously sending people to LEO becomes
> comparable to air fare, what's going to happen?

Lots of flattened magic piled on the one artificially cheapest square mile.
Architects' with better arbiter departments.

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