[FoRK] "Thomas Jefferson spins in his grave"

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 30 05:56:58 PDT 2004

Why do the religious right feel they have to
appropriate the name of famous liberals?
Capitalists don't give out Karl Marx awards.
Pacifists don't give out U S Grant awards.
Feminists don't give out the Hugh Hefner
award. But a bunch of know-nothing
Bible-thumpers who fear science, who
want to tear down the wall between
church and state, and who are intent on
undermining civil liberties will give an award
in the name of an intellectual liberal who
thought that most of the Bible was
cockamamie fantasy, who was at the
forefront in defining civil liberties, and who
was most responsible for erecting the
wall between church and state:


Well. No one will ever accuse them of
excessive integrity.

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