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Apparently there are very few people in Iceland.  Heck, your blushing
bride appears in just a few shots -- where are the cheesecake poses,
bikinis, etc.?  If not for us, for your children -- having transferred
tons of home movies for both of our relatives, my wife and I are
convinced that most people do not take enough pictures of:

*  Spouses

*  Parents/grandparents

*  Children interacting with parents, etc.

And of course, by the time the lack of such photos is noticed (in 10 or
20 years), it's impossible to rectify.

One of the sweetest parts of my parents' 50th anniversary celebration
was the home movie footage showing my mom-to-be in a swimsuit, the
camera lingering at times as my dad panned along her torso.... 


Ken Meltsner

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Here are a few honeymoon photos from Iceland. I figured it could be
interesting for those of you who haven't been there yet.


This is raw, unenhanced, out of sequence, etc.

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