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I make it a point to take pictures of people, although I'm still a 
little shy about asking if people mind direct shots of them.  I'm 
getting better.
I drive people crazy taking pictures sometimes, especially my children, 
but I get some really great shots once in a while.  The only problem is 
that I'm in few of them and generally the ones I get of me are fuzzy 
because people don't know how to handle a camera well enough.

I'll have my Helsinki photos sorted and up soon (at least the good ones 
out of 800).  For borrowing time here and there when I wasn't busy with 
the working group, I think I did pretty well.  Few people probably rent 
a plane and hold $2000 of camera out the window in 110mph wind to get 
clear arial shots. ;-)  Hopefully I can license some of them.

Here are the FAQ from college and high school (equivalent) kids in 
Helsinki and Porvoo, Finland who I talked to:

Why are you taking pictures?  Are these going to be in a magazine?

Do you like Michael Moore?  (No one had seen the recent movie yet, but 
apparently a previous documentary about environmental concerns or 
something similar had been popular in the past.)

Do you like Pres. Bush?  (mostly just "Bush")

Do you think he will be reelected?

Why would the US reelect him?

Being question about US politics by a 12 and 14 year old in a small town 
in Finland seems a little surreal.

In Finland, red hair (artificial or not) is very popular.


Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

>Apparently there are very few people in Iceland.  Heck, your blushing
>bride appears in just a few shots -- where are the cheesecake poses,
>bikinis, etc.?  If not for us, for your children -- having transferred
>tons of home movies for both of our relatives, my wife and I are
>convinced that most people do not take enough pictures of:
>*  Spouses
>*  Parents/grandparents
>*  Children interacting with parents, etc.
>And of course, by the time the lack of such photos is noticed (in 10 or
>20 years), it's impossible to rectify.
>One of the sweetest parts of my parents' 50th anniversary celebration
>was the home movie footage showing my mom-to-be in a swimsuit, the
>camera lingering at times as my dad panned along her torso.... 
>Ken Meltsner
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>Here are a few honeymoon photos from Iceland. I figured it could be
>interesting for those of you who haven't been there yet.
>This is raw, unenhanced, out of sequence, etc.
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