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I renovated my office during the last year and included about 160 linear 
feet of metal bookshelf space.  I researched metal bookshelves, bought 
them as a reseller, and had them delivered FOB (I had to order 13 to get 
free shipping). 
The rest of the house, mainly the "library" and the "library annex" has 
about 320 linear feet of oak, pressboard, or metal shelving.  20% 
periodicals (every issue of Wired, Dr. Dobbs, that kind of thing), 
mostly hardbacks or technical soft, and some fiction or other softcovers.

If we estimate that there are 8 books per foot (about what my sampling 
gives) and 20 periodicals per foot, I have about 3000 books and 3000 
periodicals.  I should get rid of about 2000 of each, but when is there 
time for that?


Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

> My wife used to be a science fiction/mystery book reviewer, and still 
> reviews random books for our local newspaper.  We have about 7,000 (or 
> more) books.  My latest bookcase project will double our hardcover 
> capacity by adding ~100 linear feet of shelves.  A typical library 
> bookcase might have 20 or so linear feet of shelves. 
> And of course, that's just the hardcovers.  We also have shelves for 
> trade paperbacks and regular paperbacks.  Lots of shelves.  Shelves on 
> all floors of our house.  Shelves in the hall.  Shelves in the boys' 
> rooms.  Shelves in the guest bedroom.  Shelves in the basement 
> (unfortunately).
> So, you think you have lots of books?  I'll show you lots of books....
> [Our van has plates with "2 MNY BKS."  Might as well be proud of your 
> addictions. ]
> Ken
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> Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> >  Wow, I bow to your superior buying power. How much of that is books?
> >  Have you started to sell anything back yet?? I need to start trying
> >  to sell old, mostly obsolete, books.
> Much of it is music (CDs) and some of it is DVDs (anime, mostly).
> But most of it is books. If you've ever seen "Read or Die"... that's 
> me. :-)
> I've sold back maybe 150 technical books.  I kept the books I didn't
> necessarily need but which had little (< $5) resale value.
> My parents have many books. My grandparents have no books.
> My children look to be on the road of having many books.
> - Joe
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