Mac mail clients (was: [FoRK] Mac G4/Darwin...)

John D. Mitchell johnm-fork at
Wed Sep 1 10:05:46 PDT 2004

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey Kay <jeffrey.kay at> writes:

> So with all of that, what's the verdict?  Is there a mail reader that
> anyone really likes for the Mac?  I personally haven't had the 2GB file
> limit problem (my database is 380 MB currently with about 15000 e-mail
> messages in it).  I'm going to upgrade to Entourage 2004 in a couple of
> weeks when the upgrade pack comes out and I can let you know what I
> think.  From the website, it doesn't look that much different than v.X. I
> like the text handling in Entourage the best -- hopefully they didn't
> screw that up in 2004.  You can send all messages out in text mode and
> there are tools for dealing with Internet-style indenting.  I think in
> most respects, MS did a better job with Entourage than they did with
> Outlook.  Must be a Mac thing.

For myself, I'm still sticking with VM inside of Emacs until I find (or
write) something better.  Though, mainly I do mail on my Linux boxes.

For my aunt and my dad (who I got iMacs for when I refused to help them
anymore with their PCs), I've got them on Entourage.  In fact, I just
upgraded them to Mac Office 2K4.  The biggest thing that I've found with
them is to backup the stupid-ass proprietary Entourage database regularly
and I'm going to start also regularly "exporting" the database and
archiving that too.

I would strongly suggest that before you upgrade, make damn sure that you
export the database from inside v.X yourself.

Rant:  Given that email is *the* most mission-critical piece of software
for most businesses (though I won't fight the accounts receivable argument
:-), I have to constantly stick my head in the sand or I'd vomit at client
sites on a regular basis.  "Exsqueezeme?  You're using an email client and
server which regularly mangles and looses email?  And you pay them how much
for that 'privilege'?"

> (BTW anyone know when the G5 PowerBooks are slated to arrive?)

Probably in a couple of years when they get to a smaller process size and
can deal with all of the heat dissipation problems.

The current expectation is that there will be a dual-core G4 in the not too
distant future but I'm not holding my breath.

Take care,

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