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Jeff Bone writes:
> Ryan Junell via Lisa Rein:
> 	http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/archives/002173.php
> Undue Process
> September 01, 2004
> UNDO Process At "The Guantanamo By The Hudson" (At The Republican 
> National Convention)
> This just in from Ryan Junell:
>      From: ryan junell
>      Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 18:54:42 -0400
>      To: free.eddie at texasmonkey.com
>      Subject: FREE EDDIE!
>      the rnc video project is in a weird spot... while I was inside the 
> convention hall last night holding up a sign that said "girlymen for 
> arnold" (I voted green in cali, btw)... project producer eddie codel 
> was following the action at one of the protests when he got fenced in 
> by cops arresting everyone on the block. they arrested over 1000 people 
> last night and have detained them at the piers for now over 20 hours.

http://nyc.indymedia.org/feature/display/113851/index.php notes 'most
protesters have been in jail for approx. 40-48 hours'.

In the terms used in Northern Ireland in the '70s during the height of
internment, this was called "detention without trial".

However the NYC orange-netting technique goes beyond that.   Reportedly,
the cops pick a block, erect orange plastic netting all around it, then
detain everyone -- including passers-by, people who live there, press,
everyone -- inside the netting.   They can then be taken to little Gitmo,
kept there for up to 72 hours without access to a phone or lawyer, then be
released without charge (or with trivial charges like "traffic

This account: http://a.parsons.edu/~forscher/stream/2004/08/full-story.html
is pretty descriptive of the process.
More: http://nyc.indymedia.org/feature/display/113021/index.php

- --j.

>      honestly, I don't know what to do. he has not even been BOOKED yet 
> (I called central booking). I'm about to file a missing persons claim 
> on him because he is really nowhere to be seen.
>      THE BIG FUCKING PROBLEM is that I think they are holding these 
> protestors in cages down by the water for as long as they can possibly 
> do it so that they don't return to the streets to protest the second 
> they are let out!!! this is BULLSHIT!!! what happened to due 
> process!?!!
>      anyways.... I think you guys should know this and if you have any 
> insight to the situation please let me know. I'm pretty sure the mass 
> media has agreed to choke this story but there are literally thousands 
> of people protesting this convention. sunday's march was without 
> question over 400,000 if not a full half million. seriously.
>      eddie is an inspired political activist. we started working 
> together six years ago on an event series about independent publishing 
> on the internet. he's gone on to do work with indyvoter.org, the matt 
> gonzalez campaign, and a ton of other non profit benevolent projects. 
> he's got a heart of gold and a really awesome and gnarly sense of 
> humor.
>      I feel bad now that I convinced him to come to nyc and work on this 
> project over burning man this year (he didn't need much convincing). 
> right now he could be delirious, tired, smelly and around the coolest 
> people in the world out in the desert instead of delirious, tired, 
> smelly and around the coolest people in the world in the guantanomo by 
> the hudson.
>      throw money his way via the paypal link at www.junell.net or do a 
> search for "girlymen" on ebay and donate there. or just drop him a line 
> and let him know he's a kickass fighter! eddie at eddie.com
>      and watch this:
>      http://in8.com/fucknewyork/Resources/fucknewyork.mov
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