[FoRK] Guantanamo By The Hudson; Asses of Evil

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Thu Sep 2 12:38:29 PDT 2004

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Stephen D. Williams writes:
> Doesn't anyone have a picture of this?

there's lots of phone-cam photos of people being arrested; but once inside
the detention center, it sounds like all possessions have been confiscated
(including cameras, of course).

> If they're doing this, they are going to have massive backlash. 
> Wouldn't this be a hayday for Hillary while it is happening?

Massive backlash from who?   The usual suspects (indymedia, leftie sites,
ACLU etc.) will try to kick up a fuss, but that doesn't really make much
of a backlash these days -- the talking point is "these are long-haired
protester types, not respectable folk, so don't worry about it."

They did this kind of thing in Miami, too, reportedly, and I've
never heard of a backlash from that.

- --j.

> sdw
> Bill Humphries wrote:
> >
> > On Sep 2, 2004, at 11:57 AM, Justin Mason wrote:
> >
> >> However the NYC orange-netting technique goes beyond that.   Reportedly,
> >> the cops pick a block, erect orange plastic netting all around it, then
> >> detain everyone -- including passers-by, people who live there, press,
> >> everyone -- inside the netting.   They can then be taken to little 
> >> Gitmo,
> >> kept there for up to 72 hours without access to a phone or lawyer, 
> >> then be
> >> released without charge (or with trivial charges like "traffic
> >> obstruction").
> >
> >
> > And the GOP leaves a fresh turd on NYC in form of several thousand law 
> > suits against the NYPD for illegal arrest.
> >
> > The Republican Convention, like herpes, it's the gift that keeps on 
> > giving.
> >
> > Hope New Yorkers remember what Bloomberg did to their City when he's 
> > up for re-election.
> >
> > - whump
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