[FoRK] So much for the Catholics

Owen Byrne owen at permafrost.net
Thu Sep 2 21:20:50 PDT 2004

What I found truly offensive is not quite the same spin as this. 
American dollars funded the IRA big time. I guess thats the similarity 
to Al Qaeda.

> *5:28pm* (UK)
> Trimble Baffled as Bush Aide Compares IRA to Al Qaida
> /By Mark Sage, PA News, in New York/
> Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble said today he was perplexed by 
> comments from a top aide to President George Bush, who compared the 
> IRA to al Qaida.
> The comments by Karl Rove, Mr Bush’s chief strategist, also drew 
> criticism from Irish lobbyists in the US, who called him “stupid”.
> Talking about the war on international terrorism, Mr Rove said in an 
> interview: “This is going to be more like the conflict in Northern 
> Ireland, where the Brits fought terrorism, and there’s no sort of 
> peace accord with al Qaida saying, ’we surrender’.”
> Mr Trimble, who is attending the Republican National Convention in New 
> York as a guest of the International Democrat Union, said he was 
> confused by the comment.
> “I’m not altogether clear about what exactly he’s getting at,” he said.
> “Al Qaida is quite a different terrorist organisation to those in 
> Northern Ireland.
> “It’s perfectly reasonable, I suppose, to draw some parallel in that 
> the war on terror will probably take a long time just like it did in 
> Northern Ireland, if that’s what he meant,” he told the Washington Post.
> The Washington-based lobby group, the Irish National Caucus, said the 
> comments were a sign of the “anti– Irish Catholic elements in the 
> Republican Party” in the US.
> Caucus president Sean McManus said: “Karl Rove’s recent statement 
> comparing the IRA to al Qaida is, above all else, stupid, but it also 
> may reveal the true colours of some anti-Irish Catholic elements in 
> the Republican Party.”
> He said: “While there has always been many fine leaders in the GOP 
> (Republican Party) with excellent records on Irish affairs, there has 
> also been – as a matter of historical fact – a strong anti-Irish 
> Catholic element, the ’no Pope here’, crowd.”
> He added: “President Bush must immediately repudiate Rove’s anti-Irish 
> Catholic bigotry.”
> end

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