[FoRK] Salon on Bushs' (lack of) Service

Aidan Kehoe kehoea at parhasard.net
Thu Sep 9 06:25:34 PDT 2004

 Ar an naoiú lá de mí Méan Fómhair, scríobh J.Andrew Rogers: 

 > [...] This will get a big "So what?" from military veterans, most of whom
 > will see these things as non-issues.  It is certainly not a defense
 > capable of blunting the attacks on the Republican side.

This is where I think of Colin Powell's autobiography; 

  "I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well placed and so
  many professional atheletes (who were probably healthier than any of us)
  managed to wangle slots in Reserve or National Guard units. Of the many
  tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as the most
  damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal
  allegiance to their country."

You may be right--many military veterans may not care about one candidate's
egregious disrespect for the US armed forces, while shrilly harping on about
unproven weaknesses in the other's _actual combat record_. This doesn't make
any more sense than does the British public's skittishness about closer
European integration, though, and, unsurprisingly, both attitudes can
probably be both laid at the same door.

Like the early Christians, Marx expected the millennium very soon; like
their successors, his have been disappointed--once more, the world has shown
itself recalcitrant to a tidy formula embodying the hopes of some section of
mankind. (Russell)

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