[FoRK] Salon on Bushs' (lack of) Service

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Sep 9 13:26:48 PDT 2004

The implication is that any subgroup that's "in" the military can, by 
flourishing the proper "protocol and convention", speak for all other 
military veterans and instantly convince them of a weakly debated point 
without further investigation.  I thought not even military commanders 
could do that, at least for US citizens.  That's some kind of power for 
the "first to publish".


Lucas Gonze wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, J.Andrew Rogers wrote:
>> For somewhat complex cultural reasons that I will not go into too 
>> much, the Swift Boat ad was absolutely damning, Kerry's "Daisy" for 
>> military veterans. The first time I heard it my jaw almost hit the 
>> floor because that ad is by protocol and convention a de facto court 
>> martial and dishonorable discharge of John Kerry by The Military as a 
>> community, broadcast to the military veterans of the entire country.
> Sorry?  The ad made by the SBVT, you mean?  A de facto social 
> excommunication by the military as a community?  Huh?
> Are you a vet or just a secret agent, Andrew?
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