[FoRK] Its almost programmer time...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Fri Sep 10 00:22:58 PDT 2004

Owen or somesuch wannabe betwork producer sez:

> I watched it.  The principal character is an asshole, is mean to his
> subordinates, and is generally not likable.  The show will not last one
> season.

Um, I worked there?

No, wait, uh, I started that company?


No, wait, uh, I was the asshole principal?  Or, no, worked for him?  
Hired him?  What?  What do you want with my life, jeezuz!

Did we get paid?  Was the ROI a two-digit multiple, or what?  Hassle 
means paid, right?

Grok ROI much?

Innovator's dilemma much?

Jesus Christ, lay off me or what?  No, shit?

Where's my fucking Paxil, dammit?



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