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Actually Keith is *desperate* for help.

I got turned down on my refugee claim an incredible 10 months after the 
last hearing.  But after that my appeal to the Canadian federal courts was 
almost instantly rejected.

So at this point I am a "failed refugee."  The only thing that can keep me 
from being deported to the US on short notice is an appeal to the Minister 
of Citizenship and Immigration.  Her office gets 15,000 letters a week so 
it takes a well known case to reach the level where it gets attention.

Now you say, being deported to the US isn't so bad.  Well in my case it 
is.  Here is testimony obtained about a week ago.  It is from May 13, 
2004.  A Toronto cop is being quizzed by my lawyer about events when I came 
here three and a half years ago (Robert K Schwarz is the deputy DA who 
prosecuted the case against me with the help of a former Mafia lawyer.)

                        Q.  I don't think you need to go into that.  I
think we're all aware of that.  Did Mr. Schwarz  did you ask
him if he was going to take any steps to extradite Mr. Henson?
                        A.  Yes, I did.
                        Q.  And he responded that he wasn't?
                        A.  He said the State of California would not
extradite Mr. Henson from Canada, however, if Mr. Henson was
found to be in another State, such as New York, then they would
probably proceed with extradition requests from New York.
                        Q.  I see.  But he made it clear to you that they
have no intention to try to extradite him from Canada?
                        A.  It came down to a matter of cost, dollars and
                        Q.  He wasn't candid enough to admit that they
couldn't extradite him from Canada?
                        A.  No.  He just said that the State of
California would not extradite Mr. Henson from Canada

                        Q.  I see.
 because of the cost.

Of course scientology would be footing the bill.  Someone who has been 
sentenced does not have to be extradited, they can just be kidnapped by 
bounty hunters.  And cult agents have made fairly clear public threats that 
I would not survive jail.

Considering the depth the cult has corrupted the government of Riverside 
County, I can hardly look for justice there or even being safe in their 
jail.  I am about to release information that makes the case that 
scientology created a jury where most of the members were under their 

Ok, if you want to help what to do?

If you live in Canada, write your MP with a cc to my MP and if you will, a 
blind cc to me or if you want, post it.  You can ask them asking your MP to 
pass a copy on to the Minister, Judy Sgro.  You can get your MP from your 
postal code by going here:


My MP is Lloyd St Amand,  Constituency Address

98 Paris Road, Unit 3
Brantford, Ontario
N3R 1H9

E-Mail: stamal at parl.gc.ca

He says that email and postal mail are given the same attention.

If you are outside of Canada, supporting email to stamal at parl.gc.ca asking 
him to help me stay in Canada would be the way to go.

If you know me personally or by reputation, put that in your email or 
letter.  Half a page to a page is more likely to get read, but the length 
is up to you.

Thumbnail background here.


and in too much detail here:


Much appreciate your efforts.

Keith Henson

PS and if anyone wants to read the whole transcript, ask and I will try to 
get it up on a web site.

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