[FoRK] Its almost programmer's time

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Fri Sep 10 10:11:12 PDT 2004

Okay, so how about a group of wealthy dotcommers who made their fortunes 
young and now, to keep from being bored by their playboy lifestyles, 
international adventure vacations, etc., have formed a band of rogue 
hackers for hire - taking on dangerous part-time consulting work for 
what would otherwise be dangerous clinetelle, e.g. black ops government 
agancies, the mafia (online gambling rings?)...? They would, of course 
have eccentric and dangerous hobbies, beautiful (rotating) girlfriends, 
fast cars or motorcycles or whathaveyou... Their less fortunate friends 
would occasionally get into trouble requiring high-risk adventures.

I'd have friends record it for me to watch when I visited them...  :-)



Meltsner, Kenneth wrote:

>MacGyver?  A brilliant engineer/super agent?  Banacek, which wrapped
>improbable thefts with romance and humor?
>To be honest, as much as I enjoy the supernerd exploits of Marshall
>(Alias), Jake (Jake 2.0 -- go Dr. Thora!) or Broots (Pretender), I can't
>imagine making an entire show around them without the usual leavening of
>romance and manufactured suspense.  Of course, if you've ever watched
>lawyers work, you wouldn't believe that you could construct multiple
>series about them, but amazingly, people have.
>The trick, I guess, is to show the actual work as infrequently as
>possible, and to concentrate on zany high jinks, romantic triangles,
>conspicuous consumption, etc.  Given this, you probably want really rich
>engineers or programmers.  
>If real work isn't sufficiently dangerous or life-threatening to hold
>viewer interest (as it would be for cops, emergency department doctors,
>or spies), you need characters to act stupid enough to get killed or to
>work with dangerously unbalanced clients if you want to maintain
>suspense, especially since engineering and programming is about as
>interesting as watching a doctor fill out HMO paperwork, or a lawyer
>research precedents on LEXIS.
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