[FoRK] Holiday Season Preparation

tom poe tompoe at amihost.com
Sat Sep 18 15:49:31 PDT 2004

The holidays are rapidly approaching.  SONG STORM wants to jump in early
and remind you that your gift-giving this year might be lots of fun, if
you include CDs/recording merchandise from one or more of the more than
100 Independent Artists listed on our site. 

SONG STORM is a nonprofit project of Open Studios, located in Reno,
Nevada, USA.  We don't sell stuff, but we do provide easy access to
those artists that do sell great music and stuff (think stocking
stuffer, and you will be a hit!). 

Help us help the Independent Artists from around the world by visiting
us soon, and don't forget, the holiday season is approaching. 
Tom Poe 
Reno, Nevada, USA 

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