[FoRK] "The experiments ..."

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Mon Sep 20 12:16:44 PDT 2004

> Actually, there is some sanity in why they don't.  The mines where we've
> found oil seeps are the ones that dig through the alluvium, mostly just
> packed dirt, sand, and gravel.

Good luck with it, then.  Around here,
there are plenty of alluvial oil seeps
(it's difficult to go to the beach and
not wind up with tar heels) but to get
to any drilling one must go many miles
south, where the rigs stretch out both
out to sea and inland in a long linear
pattern, presumably overlying a decent
trap structure.


(hydrocarbon traps have the properties
one finds in good commercial software:
good traps'll have permeable layers to
gather hydrocarbons and an impermeable
seal so they won't seep and dissipate;
good plays'll have mostly simple sw to
minimize risk, with a tricky component
to keep the overall solution valuable.

(of course, if one is more businessman
than hacker, the legal system may turn
out to be a cheaper substitute for the
tricky component)

Anyone know how VC returns stack up in
comparison to those of wildcatters?)

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