[FoRK] A Nation Deceived: report on acceleration of advancedstudents

Meltsner, Kenneth Kenneth.Meltsner at ca.com
Wed Sep 22 10:04:44 PDT 2004

Not a surprise.  Which is why our kids attend school at the Wisconsin
Center for Gifted Learners, even though we have a good public school
nearby with an excellent gifted program.  Thing 1 could certainly have
handled skipping a grade or two if the school had been inclined to show
any flexibility at all, but it was nearly an article of faith that
acceleration was bad, especially for boys, in all cases.

We looked at accelerating our first kid before we left Pennsylvania, but
despite excellent scores on a series of tests, including social skills,
they still would not recommend the mildest acceleration: since he was
born in February, we weren't even talking about a full year

In contrast, a generation earlier my mom had little trouble getting me
(born in January) moved up to first grade instead of spending a useless
year in half-day kindergarten.


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