[FoRK] Corporations replace nation states, or, WTF, or, what IS Halliburton, anyway?

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Thu Sep 23 08:16:42 PDT 2004

Interesting story via jrobb.  Somebody please explain a couple of 
things to me...  First, what exactly IS Halliburton, anyway?  Oil 
company?  Well, not really.  Construction company?  No, not exactly.  
Private sector army?  Well, that's one business unit.  Fuck.  What are 
these jokers doing w/ nuclear materials anyway?

Viva Capitalizm.  And I do mean that in the nicest way, of course, 
being a techno-crypto-anarco-lib capitalizt myself.  (Reminds me --- 
need to check on Nation States...)


via jrobb:


Halliburton Barred From Receiving Contracts

Nigeria First (Abuja)
September 21, 2004
Posted to the web September 21, 2004

The Federal Government on 20 September placed an embargo on the award 
of contracts to Halliburton Energy Services Nigeria Limited (HENSL), an 
oil service company linked to United States (US) Vice President Dick 

This is as a result of what Government has termed "negligent conduct, 
which led to the loss of two ionizing radioactive sources from Nigeria 
in 2002." Thus far Halliburton has also failed to cooperate with 
government authorities in ensuring the return of the sources to 

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Ufot Joseph 
Ekaette, who announced the decision in a statement in Abuja, said that 
President Olusegun Obasanjo had approved the ban until further 
directives on the matter.

The two radioactive materials, which contained caesium-137, were 
reported missing by Halliburton while in transit between the southern 
Nigerian oil cities of Warri and Port Harcourt in December 2002. 
Efforts by the Federal Government to recover the lost radioactive 
materials since 2002, which has taken government officials to Germany 
where the materials were transferred, have not yielded results.

A committee headed by the Minister of Justice, Chief Akinlolu Olujinmi, 
which was set up to probe the theft, subsequently submitted an interim 
report to the President. The report claimed that the hand-held 
materials were later intercepted by German authorities at a steel 
recycling plant in Bavaria.

Although the materials are primarily used to X-ray oil pipelines for 
cracks, they could also be used to build a "dirty bomb" (nuclear bomb 
not made to specifications).

Nigeria subsequently reported the loss to the International Atomic 
Energy Agency (IAEA), and lodged a formal protest on the matter to 
Germany and the United State (US). However, Germany refused Nigeria's 
request to repatriate the materials and instead returned them to 
Halliburton, which, in turn, moved them to the US in January this year.

The Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA) had in March suspended 
Halliburton from carrying out any activity involving the use, 
importation, transportation and transfer of radioactive sources in 
Nigeria pending the return of the missing materials.

The House of Representatives had earlier passed a resolution seeking 
the exclusion of Halliburton from handling any oil contracts in the 
nation's petroleum industry, following its role in the $180 million 
bribery scam during the construction of the Nigerian Liquefied Natural 
Gas (NLNG) Company.


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