[FoRK] What's the typeface, Kenneth?

Wayne Baisley baisley at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Sep 23 17:48:52 PDT 2004

[My daughter came up with the subject line.  ;-)]

From: btm at templetons.com (Brad Templeton)

Redmond, WA -- Microsoft Corporation announced a new font-pack
upgrade for Microsoft Word this week.   Aimed at the document
forger market, it includes a series of special typefaces such as
"1973-Selectric.ttf," "underwood1965.ttf" and several others.

"We recommend against the use of Times New Roman, our default
typeface, if you are trying to create the appearance of a typed
military memo from the early '70s," said Microsoft Word product
manager Shirley Pulledstrings.   If you don't have our new font
pack, we at least recommend you use Courier 10pt or 12pt.

Also available in the font pack is "ObviousForgery.ttf" which
supports sophisticated kerning, complex font designs and includes
macros to set up text in just the ways typewriters never did.

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