[FoRK] Don't Cry For Me, California

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Lived here since I was four years old.  Not recent, in other words.  8-)

St. Augustine, billed as "The Nation's Oldest City", has it right.  In the
historic district off the Matanzas Bay, where I lived for five years, the
streets are narrow, oriented perpendicular to the bay and bordered by high
buildings (two-story).  Breezes off the bay are drawn into the town through
the narrow brick streets, which are just wide enough for one car.  

Man, I miss that place!


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Y'all must be recent migrants to the area. The loas
gave this region hurricanes, humidity, heat, mosquitoes,
snakes, and no-see-ums to keep the yankees out.
Sometimes I dream of a gulf coast town that has the
sense to ban air conditioning. Houses should be built
on twelve foot pilings, and open to the offshore


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