[FoRK] Kalashnikov

J.Andrew Rogers andrew at ceruleansystems.com
Sun Sep 26 22:27:38 PDT 2004

On Sep 20, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Robert Harley wrote:
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> Lt. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented the AK-47 after being shot
> by German soldiers during World War II, said Monday he wanted to
> continue "the good name" of his gun.
> "I've always wanted to improve and expand on the good name of my
> weapon by doing good things," he told Reuters Television.
> "So we decided to create a vodka under my name. And we wanted that
> vodka to be better than anything made, up until now, in both Russia
> and England."
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If the Kalashnikov metaphor holds, the vodka tastes like goat piss but 
will absolutely, positively kill every motherfucking brain cell in the 
room.  Accept no substitutes.

j. andrew rogers

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