[FoRK] Tonight's Debates --- A Conservative Reports

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Thu Sep 30 21:43:08 PDT 2004

Would you just freaking commit to a position?  You flip-flopper!  You 
can't change now, the job isn't done.

Heh heh...  Just kidding.  Great rant.  You need to pitch that in front 
of some DNC VCs and get it on a road show.  ;-)


Jeff Bone wrote:

> (Something I sent out on the family mailing list tonight, lightly 
> edited --- more than half the family being right-wingers.)
> Before tonight, John Kerry had my vote by default.  Not because I 
> believed he was necessarily the leader we deserved, but because I 
> believed that a sock puppet could and would be barely better than the 
> shallow, ignorant, world-class-dumb, transparent, arrogant, 
> silver-spoon asshole that stole our democracy and my and my childrens' 
> destiny four years ago via the most "activist judge" action of all time.
> Tonight, however, I have changed my opinion.  Now, I wholeheartedly 
> award my vote, my allegiance, and my unwavering commitment to John 
> Kerry on the following basis:  his speech has substance, his 
> convictions are both considered and consistent, his reasoning sound, 
> his character whole, his manner non-defensive, his manner --- in 
> contrast --- steady and not shifty, his arguments thoroughly superior, 
> his experience obviously vastly deeper, his track record superb and 
> --- just in case it wasn't clear --- his whole performance vastly in a 
> different and better league than the "Manchurian Candidate" that 
> currently (illegitimately) occupies the office of "President" of this 
> United States.
> I am so incredibly sick of Dubya's thin rhetoric, his thinly-veiled 
> political stunts (sock in flight suit crotch for "Mission 
> Accomplished," the totally odious and embarrassing parade of the 
> Allawi-puppet-with-script in front of our Congress, etc.) that I feel 
> literally ill every time I see that man on TV.  And yet...
> I would vote for Reagan over Kerry.  I would vote for Bush Sr. over 
> Kerry.  I would even vote for Dole over Kerry.  I would CERTAINLY vote 
> for McCain over Kerry (that would've been an invigorating race!)  Yet 
> --- there is no worse candidate for President than Bush.  Ever, 
> historically.  I would vote for a pine log over Bush.
> And yet --- Kerry comported himself not just adequately, but 
> admirably.  The reverse-spin has already started, but I must say --- 
> as a smart person, indeed a more conservative person than most people 
> I know and, indeed, than probably most people in my family (e.g., if 
> my Dad was truly a conservative he wouldn't keep mounting hospital tax 
> district elections to provide health care for those that can't pay out 
> of pocket) --- and as a REAL conservative, I have to vote against 
> Bush's spiraling deficits, hist largest-gov't-ever, his deferred tax 
> increases thinly disguised as tax cuts, his Big Brother Justice 
> Department and its psychotic  "mondo-Christian" AG, the 
> totally-anti-American PATRIOT act, the total eye-off-the-ball in terms 
> of spending on Iraq vs. Afghanistan/ Al Qaeda and / or our own borders 
> and ports, etc.
> I'm no lefty.  I'm for small-to-no federal taxes, pro-business, a 
> strong military, a tough(ER!) stance on terrorism and national 
> defense, a safe homeland, a resolute and sovereign nation, racial 
> profiling as a pragmatic measure at the borders and airports, a strong 
> and consistent national identity, strong borders, minimal gov't, 
> On those levels, I CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to vote for Bush --- 
> nor, do I believe, will anyone who is a real conservative --- and 
> after tonight I believe John Kerry is a worthy successor to those 
> ancestors whose faux presidency George W. Bush has embarrassed.  No 
> REAL CONSERVATIVE can vote for Bush.  The Republican party has been 
> invaded, overtaken, and besmirched by theocrats, oligarchs, 
> propagandists, corporatocrats, and fascists.  A vote for Bush '04 is 
> like a "vote" for Mussolini.  If you don't believe me, check this 
> dictionary definition of "fascism" and see how it compares to the 
> Bush's America of 2001-2004:
>     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism
> You have to live with your own conscience, but bear in mind:  its 
> going to be our children that live with the consequences of that 
> decision if "the American People" plunge this country even further 
> into fascism.
> jb
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