[FoRK] No, James. NO!

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 3 05:42:57 PDT 2004

Jeff Bone:
>This is a particularly dangerous, inaccurate, cynical meme.  Today IS NOT 
>BUSINESS AS USUAL.  A particularly small and extreme group has grabbed .. 
>the mainstream memestream to a degree that is unprecedented in this 
>county... The push against "judicial activism" ..

It is surprising to me how successful that last meme has been,
despite both its complete speciousness and its danger to the
very nature of US civil life. It is the right wing and its judges
who seek to amputate some critical parts of the Constitution.
Perhaps the clearest example of this is Thomas, who would
disincorporate parts of the first amendment, and return us to
the days where each state could establish and fund its
preferred religion. (See his dicta on Newdow.) I think much
of the religious right would have preferred it had the 14th
amendment never been ratified.

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