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Thu Oct 14 05:54:32 PDT 2004


*I* don't want to dignify the Sinclair effort with my objection (much less
my name and address).  I save those goodies for the SERIOUS attacks.  I'm
very glad Kerry is not elevating the Sinclair garbage to the stratum of
"news" by agreeing to appear afterwards to "defend himself" - as the FAB
(Fair and Balanced) Bill O'Reilley suggested.

(I checked Fox directly after the debate and found their coverage to be
Hannity-free . . .)


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Subject: Take Action on Democrats.org

<blankey blank> has asked the Democratic Party to tell you about the
following action center on Democrats.org.

Stop the Right-Wing Smears Against John Kerry

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a conservative broadcasting company that
runs television stations in dozens of major television markets nationwide,
has ordered its stations to preempt other programming and air an anti-Kerry
program days before Election Day. Sign our petition demanding that Sinclair
take their negative smears off the air.

Click here to take action today!


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