[FoRK] Jon Stewart For President?

Dr.Ernie Prabhakar drernie at radicalcentrism.org
Sun Oct 24 22:48:48 PDT 2004

[If you find this amusing, or even true, please help pass it on. -- Dr.  

Dear Fellow Citizen,

When America votes on November 2nd, I ask you to consider supporting  
Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for President.


Yes, I realize that may sound absurd. After all:

*    His entire career is based on spinning half-truths into engaging  
but pointless stories which advance his image while ridiculing his  

*    He has shown little interest -- and less ability -- in truly  
tackling the hard issues of social unity, fiscal responsibility, and  
political accountability facing the U.S.

*    In fact, his only real qualification is that he looks good in a  
suit, knows how to work a crowd, and can attract money from rich  

Hmm. Which means he differs from real politicians how?

By being honest about making things up. By even-handedly highlighting  
the hypocrisy and inconsistency of both the Right and the Left. By  
openly criticizing the media failing their duty to make the important  
interesting. Most of all, by his abiding conviction (carefully hidden  
beneath crude humor and self-mockery) that politicians and journalists  
should ultimately serve the public interest, not their own.

A vote for Jon is a vote for the politics of common sense, the radical  
idea that elected officials – and those who cover them – should be  
promoting creative solutions which actually improve choices for all  
citizens. Things those of us in the broad middle would probably agree  
on, if we could get past the self-serving *#!%$ which passes for  
informed debate on our airwaves. Like:

  *    Economic systems which recognize the need for change and private  
initiative, yet also the importance of compassion and community

  *    Taxation tailored to the realities of the 21st-century global  
marketplace, not the power of special-interest groups

  *    Teachers who are rewarded for helping kids succeed, not merely  
conforming to mediocrity

  *    Health care accessible to all Americans, but neither run by the  
government nor hostage to the whims of employers

  *    Government that is open and accountable to the needs of the many,  
not the few

Sound too good to be true? Why? Aren’t these goals something you, and  
most of the people you know, could get behind? Then help Jon send the  
message that we’re tired of partisan bickering and content-free  
speeches, and we just want leaders who will do their frickin’ job  

I realize some of you live in swing states where you probably want to  
help elect the lesser of two evils. But if like me you’re in the other  
forty, or one of the 100 million Americans who simply never bother, why  
not vote for Jon’s vision of democracy? Let’s give him a bigger stick  
to beat the drum of reform.

Either way, please get involved. Sign our petition, and forward it to  
others. Become part of the so-called “radical middle.” Buy Jon's  
best-selling "America the Book" and rediscover democracy be. Write your  
editor or broadcaster, and ask why *they* don't have thoughtful yet  
entertaining commentary which helps you make better decisions. Learn to  
laugh at your own hypocrisy, and cultivate a friendship or two across  
the aisle. Vote for politicians who care more about improving the  
debate than winning it any cost. Even run for office yourself, if you  
think you can do better.

Yeah, this is a joke. But so is much of what passes for serious  
politics today.

At least this is funny. Or is it?


DrErnie at RadicalCentrism.org
The mission of www.RadicalCentrism.org is to help individuals,  
communities, and systems become sustainably centered — happy, healthy &  
holy — by being properly rooted in humility, justice & love.

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