[FoRK] Application Streaming at its best - Encarta stlye 2 Gigs worth

Peter Kilby peterkilby at dsl.pipex.com
Mon Nov 1 14:16:09 PST 2004

Endeavors Technology's Microsoft Contract - Update 1

Tadpole Technology plc announced on June 17, 2004  that its Endeavors
Technology subsidiary had won a streaming software contract from Microsoft.
Under the terms of the contract, Microsoft would use Endeavors' AppExpress
streaming on-demand software technology to stream software titles to the
desktop and laptop PCs of North American consumers.

This is a new venture for Microsoft and its first experience in using
AppExpress streaming technology to distribute try-before-buy software titles
on demand to potential customers.

Please be advised that Microsoft's streaming software program has today gone
live with Encarta being the first title available from its websites - please
visit http://www.microsoft.com/products/encarta/try/default.mspx (Experience it)

Microsoft is progressively enriching its websites making new versions of
other established software titles available to consumers via AppExpress
streaming. Further updates will be issued as more titles come on-line.

AppExpress Snapshot

AppExpress is the flagship product line of Endeavors Technology. The
trialware delivery version offers software vendors a number of compelling
business benefits. These include piracy protection (software streamed to
customers can be used but not copied and distributed), faster route to
market (new software can be evaluated immediately; potential customers need
no longer wait for CD-ROMs to arrive in the mail), and reduced business
costs (costs generally associated with the marketing and selling of
software, notably distributor display shelfspace and the burning and
shipping CD-ROMs, can be/are eliminated).

AppExpress (trialware version) also offers consumers a number of lifestyle
benefits. These include selective purchase (consumers can have a quality
experience of new software before having to buy it), and immediate
no-install convenience (consumers can evaluate new software without delay
and without installing it onto their hard disks).

Remember Encarta is approx 2 Gig in size and with approximate activation times 

      Connection Streaming Trial * 
      T1/Cable (1.5Mb) 
     6 mins  
      DSL ( 640Kb) 
     13 mins 
      ISDN (128Kb) 64 mins 

and it won't stop at Encarta

After I have completed my 30-day trial, can I stream another 30-day trial to my PC?
You may not stream the same version of the same trial; however you can try other available applications such as Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10, Streets & Trips and Works. . 


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