[FoRK] Election day musings (was: My visit to ...)

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 2 10:34:48 PST 2004

Jeff Bone wrote:

> mandatory Election Day musing:  I still believe that the hype and the 
> polls are overstating the closeness of the race and that Kerry's going 
> to walk away with this one

+1, I think the 18-25 bracket has been almost completely ignored in the 
polls, while many states have reported a huge surge (low hundreds of 
thousands in some states)  in voter registration within this group.

> , but... even if that's not the case I'm at peace with the outcome.

Wanker. You're just going to lay down and take the beating aren't you?

> I've done my part and placed my bets.

Even if you lose those bets, your part will not yet be close to done. In 
fact, it may be just the beginning of your part.

> If America is stupid enough to re-elect Bush, then we deserve the 
> leadership we get. In the unfortunate event that this happens, I think 
> this country - and the world - is resilient enough to make it another 
> four years. [...]

Uhmmm, sorry, no. Another four years of spending like we have seen in 
the last four will do substantial damage to the economy and ruin the 
credit rating of the US for decades to come. Four more years of 'clean 
air acts', 'save the forst' acts and similar environmental legislation 
will have everyone breathing filth and surely result in the destruction 
of countless acres of forest, wetlands, etc., etc. This is to say 
nothing of SCOTUS appointments that would be with us for decades. Did I 
fail to mention his love affair with small tactical nukes?

No, if Bush wins the election it may very well be the end of the country 
and, while the world will still be here, it will definately have taken 
on a much abused appearance...


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