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Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 2 10:50:44 PST 2004

Elias Sinderson wrote:

> [...] if Bush wins the election it may very well be the end of the 
> country and, while the world will still be here, it will definately 
> have taken on a much abused appearance... 

An excerpt from an article published in The Nation [1]:


    He failed to respond to repeated clear warnings of an Al Qaeda
    attack ("Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.," the CIA told
    him) and displayed startling incompetence when the attack came. Then
    he tried to cover up both failures by opposing the formation of the
    September 11 Commission, obstructing the committee's work once it
    was formed and denying key findings once they were disclosed. (To
    this day, Vice President Cheney asserts a link between Al Qaeda and
    Saddam Hussein.)

    In the name of fighting terror, Bush waged a war in Iraq that had
    nothing to do with terrorism and was as unjustified when it was
    begun as, after the loss of thousands of Iraqi and American lives,
    it is unwinnable now. He has inaugurated an immoral and
    unsustainable policy of global hegemony based on military force,
    estranged most of the country's principal friends around the world
    and dismayed the world at large--which has begun, indirectly but
    pervasively, to resist US domination. He mocked the United Nations
    as "irrelevant" and defied the Security Council. Today our forces
    are overstretched in pursuit of delusional goals.

    Bush's policies have turned away from the country's tradition of
    seeking disarmament exclusively by diplomatic means and adopted
    force as the mainstay of its nonproliferation efforts, violently
    pursuing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, where there were none,
    and overlooking them in Pakistan and North Korea, where they
    existed. All the while, his Administration further provoked and
    disturbed the world by pursuing the development of new, "usable"
    varieties of nuclear weapons, to be employed for new purposes
    against new targets, mostly in the Third World. He has
    systematically cast aside or weakened environmental initiatives,
    domestic and international. He withdrew from negotiations to address
    global warming, which except for nuclear war is the gravest danger
    facing the world; sponsored a Clear Skies Act that fouled the air;
    gutted regulations limiting strip-mining; and sold off public lands
    to oil, gas, timber and mining companies; rejected fuel conservation
    measures; tried to suppress or repudiate the science on which
    knowledge of environmental hazards is based.

    And while thus conspiring to discredit these and other scientific
    findings, he has pandered to a "base" of religious fanatics, many of
    whom are looking forward to a day of "rapture" when Jesus returns to
    earth and kills everyone but them. His attitude to the factual world
    in general is one of hostility and rejection. He has made fraud and
    fantasy foundations of his Administration. His own belief in
    something--that Iraq was a threat to the United States, for
    example--appears to be evidence enough for him that it is true. One
    of his advisers has mocked his critics by stating that they live in
    a "reality-based community," explaining, "We're an empire now, and
    when we act, we create our own reality."

    Bush has by almost every measure worsened the US economy and set it
    on a path to likely disaster. He has taken hundreds of billions of
    dollars from the poor and people of ordinary income and given it to
    the rich through tax cuts (if you dare to point this out, you are
    accused of waging "class warfare") while driving the country into
    unprecedented federal debt and trade deficits, delivering the
    nation's finances to the decisions of foreign creditors. He has
    increased our dependence on foreign energy sources. His approach to
    the economy and our resources is the same as to the
    environment--this putative believer in a "responsibility society"
    strip-mines the future to gratify the present.

    Bush has broken his oath to uphold the laws of the United States. He
    asserted and made use of an array of "inherent" powers nowhere
    mentioned in the Constitution: to lock up and place in solitary
    confinement American citizens and others, with no access to courts
    or even legal representation; to withhold information from the
    public and Congressional committees; to detain hundreds of people
    outside domestic and international law in the legal no man's land of
    Guantánamo; and to permit the torture of prisoners.


Do note that there are many issues missing from the above... such as the 
now infamous energy task force, on which they have yet to release 
legally requested paperwork... What an abomination.


[1] <http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20041108&s=editors>

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