[FoRK] G0 (response to ES)

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Nov 2 11:16:00 PST 2004

ES says:

> > , but... even if that's not the case I'm at peace with the outcome.
> Wanker. You're just going to lay down and take the beating aren't you?

> > I've done my part and placed my bets.
> Even if you lose those bets, your part will not yet be close to done. 
> In
> fact, it may be just the beginning of your part.

I merely meant "pre-election."  I think we hit a point of diminishing 
returns in the "memetic engineering" space some time last week...

> > I think
> > this country - and the world - is resilient enough to make it another
> > four years. [...]
> Uhmmm, sorry, no. Another four years of spending like we have seen in
> the last four will do substantial damage to the economy and ruin the
> credit rating of the US for decades to come.

No doubt it'll be rough if he's re-elected / unshackled.  But my 
thinking on this has become much like my circa 2 years or so Zen-like 
gestalt about Microsoft:  in the long run, "markets" work and things 
like M$'s monopoly --- and like the pendulum swing to the "right" in 
America of late --- are self-correcting.  That's not to say that 
"markets" operate in human timeframes, though;  there's certainly 
plenty of "hurt" caused by these short term imbalances.  My statement 
was rather that there's a kind of equilibrium and it's unlikely to be 
long-term disrupted.  If capital and progress flee America --- well, so 
be it, let it seek a friendlier home.  Conversely, per America and 
Americans:  you can lead the horse to water...  Last observation:  I'm 
becoming convinced that incidence of path dependency in many systems 
are short-term measurement aberrations.


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