[FoRK] US election overtaxes electronic markets...

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Nov 2 15:33:13 PST 2004


PRESIDENT.GWBUSH2004	28.0	28.5	28.5	1.2m	 -24.5

RT sez:

> So many people are hitting to Tradesports for the
> latest summary of how George Bush stands, that
> it is only sometimes responding. The last price I
> saw for Bush2004 futures was $37. I bet there
> will be a lot of complaints by those who aren't
> able to trade in the last hours, because of a
> much wider audience using the site "for
> informational purposes only."

I heard a rumor here at the conference that Soros was playing this 
issue on TS.  (That's actually not a joke.  I did hear that.)

Republican fluffers doing the witching hour minute shuffle?  Got that 
sinking feeling?

Interestingly:  (one set of) Vegas odds I saw a few minutes ago are 
Kerry 2/7, Bush 5/2.  Lots of interesting cross-market arb opps...

Maybe Bill Bennett's letting his jones get at him.



PS - futures markets predict the future....  SURE!  I gotta bridge to 
sell ya, too.  Goodbye to THAT myth. ;-) :-)

PPS - book recommendation:  _Fooled By Randomness_ by Nassim Taleb.  
Read it a couple of weeks ago, truly a great book.


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