[FoRK] All caution to the wind... my call

Jeff Bone jbone at place.org
Tue Nov 2 17:44:02 PST 2004

11/2/2004, 20:40 EST, my call:

Kerry:  283
Bush:  255

I think Nevada and Colorado go Bush;  Maine splits 3/1;  the other 
proportional vote state, Nebraska, I concur w/ Zogby:  all Bush 
(distribution of voters the primary issue.)  Florida goes to Bush 
(Zogby's got it wrong, the bellwether is the corridor and those 
honyocks are Bushies.)  Either Ohio or Pennsylvania could screw the 
pooch, though...

I'll also go on record and eat a plate of crow;  while I don't think 
the popular vote will be quite as close as perhaps the recent polls 
might have suggested, this IS a lot closer than the runaway I punted a 
couple of years ago.

"I see stupid people.  They're everywhere.  They don't know they're 
stupid." ;-)


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