Linux/UTF-8 [was Re: [FoRK] Lancet, shmancet]

Luis Villa luis.villa at
Tue Nov 2 20:55:18 PST 2004

Novell is excited enough about SUSE to at one point internally refer
to the CD mailouts as 'AOL-like.' Novell may have screwed up a lot of
acquisitions in the past, and may yet screw this one up, but it will
not be for lack of trying.


On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 14:40:30 -0600, Ken Meltsner <meltsner at> wrote:
> Well, the good news for SUSE fans is that Novell is putting some
> serious money into it, or at least into marketing it -- my latest
> issue of "VAR Business" (trade rag) included a 4 CD set and folder
> with a complete "evaluation" copy of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.
> I haven't seen enclosures with four CDs, ever, although Microsoft has
> come close at times (the "here, have a copy of MS Office 2003 without
> any strings because we like you" mailing, for example).
> Time to build a VMware image, I guess.
> Ken Meltsner

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