[FoRK] All caution to the wind... my call

Lorin Rivers lrivers at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 21:54:45 PST 2004

Lord, lord, lord I hope you're right, but at almost midnight CST I'm
not seeing it...

If Bush wins, I hope his supporters like the America they get after
Bush picks 4 supreme court justices. Justice Thomas as a moderate.
10,000 Americans dead in the Middle East. 2006=1929?

I'm depressed.

Sieg Jesus!

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 20:44:02 -0500, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> 11/2/2004, 20:40 EST, my call:
> Kerry:  283
> Bush:  255
> I think Nevada and Colorado go Bush;  Maine splits 3/1;  the other
> proportional vote state, Nebraska, I concur w/ Zogby:  all Bush
> (distribution of voters the primary issue.)  Florida goes to Bush
> (Zogby's got it wrong, the bellwether is the corridor and those
> honyocks are Bushies.)  Either Ohio or Pennsylvania could screw the
> pooch, though...
> I'll also go on record and eat a plate of crow;  while I don't think
> the popular vote will be quite as close as perhaps the recent polls
> might have suggested, this IS a lot closer than the runaway I punted a
> couple of years ago.
> "I see stupid people.  They're everywhere.  They don't know they're
> stupid." ;-)
> jb
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