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Shock but not Awe 

The results are coming into sharper focus. The picture is looking better and
better for Bush. And it represents a thorough, astonishing turnaround from
everything that my colleagues and I were saying to one another early this
afternoon. We were all but taking bets on the color of Teresa's inaugural

To be sure: no one yet knows definitively what will happen or who has won.
Florida in 2000 showed us what Yogi Berra always said: it isn't over until
it's over. 

But let's just say for the sake of argument that Bush wins. ("John Kerry can
hear the whisper of the axe," Dan intones, and this metaphor I LIKE.) It
means the early exit polls were dead wrong. It means that we fell for those
polls just as we always have, even after swearing we wouldn't. 

We - meaning the news media - didn't necessarily REPORT on those polls and
share with our audience what we were saying to ourselves. But we were saying
that Kerry was probably our next president. And many of us now sit here





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