[FoRK] Time to start going to Church and car races

Stephen D. Williams sdw at lig.net
Wed Nov 3 09:33:41 PST 2004

that's were the real power is.

Onward to the theocrazy.

I grew up in a small town of 11,000 in NW Ohio in a county of maybe 
20,000 people.  The county was all churches, factories, and farming.  
Before the Internet, that was isolated.  I remember the traveling 
preachers and at about 12 I visited most of the denominations in town.

What this country needs is many traveling preachers-of-reason for all of 
the boonies in the US, some comfort for all of those isolated, 
marginalized thinkers in the intellectual wasteland that is rural 
America.  Someone to call out the willful ignorance, the fallacious 
thought, the anti-intellectualism, the intolerance, the bigotry, and 
general irrationality.  We need to encourage thought, encourage 
questioning from youth and everyone else, and explain things like 
morality independent of your local small-minded preacher.  There is 
plenty of coherent thought in movements like Rational Humanism.

There are a number of possible approaches, including pairing with job 
centers like virtual corporation call centers, or, even better, a "Young 
Lady's First Primer"-like service.  Imagine that teachers and other 
intellectuals, including some of those out-of-work manufacturers in 
Ohio, in the hinterlands could spend extra hours during the week and 
year being paid to provide teaching and counseling services via 
broadband Internet to both affluent and trouble children or people far away.

Isolation between the intellectuals and fundamentalists isn't working.  
We're immune to their memes and glad to stay in metropolitan and 
free-thinking areas, but we're standing by while the exposed are 
converted en masse by the manipulators.
We have to embrace, educate, plant memes, grow friends, and counter 
those who are trying to take advantage of us all.  IMHO, there are those 
on both the left and right that need education.

Consider that my elevator pitch for a for- or non-profit organization. 


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