[FoRK] Who to blame?

Lorin Rivers lrivers at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 11:06:55 PST 2004

Not that blame is relevant. Sure, I'm pissed at all the idiots who
didn't vote (what was more important than the election that will set
the tone for the next 30 years?).

Plain and simple, the democrats were out-played AGAIN. They knew that
"moral values" (code for "I hate fags") was the key wedge issue this
election. Anyone who wonders why there were 10 states with defense of
marriage statutes on the ballot can stop wondering.

There was a pundit on CNN last night saying something like "there are
going to be an awful lot of people waking up in an America that is not
the America they thought they lived in". That's me in a nutshell. Hey,
I live in Texas, I know what George II is like (god help us if Perry
is who the Republicans have in mind for following in the Antichrist's

Think about this. The last 4 years were Rove with a stolen mandate.
What will it be like with a REAL mandate, 'cause there's no question.
The people like what they see (not that what the see is what they

Here's what to expect:
Roe v. Wade--overturned
Prayer in School
Ban on gay rights
Drilling in the Alaska refuge (no-bid contracts for Halliburton)
Clean air act--repealed
Clean water--"we need to get some bidness done"
More tax breaks for millionaires
School vouchers--education is a privilege for the wealthy and
ignorance is a great way to limit democracy
Clarence Thomas as a moderate--not because he's changed but because
the "no litmus test" justices that Bush will appoint will only make
him seem so
The Tenth Crusade--10,000 american kids dead,1,000,000 arabs dead, car
bombs in the US on a regular basis

Damn, I wish I was a gay-hating millionaire babtist. I'd be so happy right now.

Instead, I see the country I love circling the bowl, baby.

The only thing that's going to moderate any of this will be the EU.
They have enormous power over us economically. Maybe, maybe ther

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