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Thu Nov 4 05:50:35 PST 2004

I'm with Evan on this, but it'll never happen.  Kerry is going to write 
another couple of books and kick back.  He's got the big bucks and now 
more fame to go along with it.  He'll be on Saturday Night Live.  The 
problem is that the guys who run for office are more concerned about 
power than about any particular cause.  Kerry's "cause" was to win the 
presidency, not to promote some agenda.  Same with Bush.

The Republicans, of late, do better creating the illusion of a "cause" 
by latching onto emotional social issues -- gay marriage, abortion 
rights, prayer in schools.  In the past, civil rights was the "cause" 
du jour.  But ultimately these are excuses to grab power, not to really 
serve the people.  Even for the Republicans in office.  There's 
widespread panic in these discussions of a rollback of civil liberties, 
conservative justices, and the like, but frankly I'm not panicked.  
These "causes" serve better as "causes".  If Roe v. Wade is overturned, 
who do you think will get energized?  The Democrats.  If prayer is 
school is brought back, that will only help the Democrats take power.  
The cause creates the illusion that the elected official is fighting 
for the people, and if they will only keep voting for him, he'll be 
able to keep fighting the good fight.

What's the next cause going to be?  That's what will get the next 
president elected.  The Democrats, if they want the next election, need 
to take the next four years and build up a cause that will get them 
elected.  The Republicans aren't stupid enough to actually act on these 
causes.  They pick issues that are emotional, but they really don't 
affect any change.

-- jeff

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On Nov 4, 2004, at 8:12 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:

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> Why is it that concession speeches always make these oblique references
> to violent opposition to the election results? Like, "Tonight I'm 
> asking
> my followers not to riot and kill over these elections. Now is not the
> time for our violent overthrow of the American system of government.
> Please, go home, brood quietly, store ammunition, and wait for the
> signal."
> What the fuck? Why does John Kerry have to call for "peace" and 
> "unity"?
> I'm not going to die in the streets for half-ass John Kerry and the
> shit-eating Democratic Party. Who the fuck does he think he is? He can
> go fuck himself.
> I want to see the candidate who gets up and says, "I was right
> yesterday, and I'm right today: Mr. President, you are unfit for this 
> or
> any other office, and I and my organization are going to make it our
> quest to make this job as difficult for you as we possibly can. I will
> be on your heels for the next four years, questioning your every move
> and blocking as much as I can. And I will be back to run again, and I
> will be ready to get your job." I wouldn't be ready to shoot anyone for
> that guy, but you bet I'd be willing to help him win next time around.
> All this gutless "healing" shit is for fucking idiots. It's not like 
> our
> only choices are fraternal warfare and total submission. There's a
> healthy middle ground of political conflict -- the dialectic of civil
> life that is the lifeblood of a functioning democracy. Why do we have 
> to
> pretend we love our new ant overlords?
> ~ESP
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