[FoRK] [Pigdog] Civil war (fwd from evan@bad.dynu.ca)

Russell Turpin deafbox at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 08:08:28 PST 2004

Cleopatra Von Ludwig:
>Actually, much as I hate to say it, the next "cause" (if we're talking
>about the Democrats here) will have to be to alienate themselves
>*less* from the church-going population of the country. ..
>Now, *how* this will be addressed without alienating all the people
>who believe in freedom of choice in religion and separation of church
>and state will be the interesting part..

Can't be done.

Look, secular democracy vs. fundamentalism is THE issue
for the next few decades. In the US, it might not be
possible today to put together a winning political coalition
on the right side of this issue, any more than it was
possible for abolitionists to win elections in the 1840s.
The Democratic Party might remain just the opposition
for a while, which is painful but useful. Or it might get
coopted to the wrong side, in which case, fuck'em.

This isn't about winning the next election. It is much
larger than that. And it might take more than one
election cycle to make measurable headway. But I'm
no more interested on triangulating on a politicially
"winning" compromise, than an abolitionist in 1820
was in keeping the Senate balanced between free
and slave states.

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