[FoRK] corporate personhood and the death penalty (was: [Pigdog] Civil war ...)

Elias Sinderson elias at cse.ucsc.edu
Thu Nov 4 12:08:21 PST 2004

Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> I say we keep personhood status but be for a death penalty and other 
> severe penalties.  MS, for instance, should have had more than a mild 
> slap.

I seem to recall a similar discussion thread on FoRK some time back... 
if I can find it in the archives I'll be sure to provide a link in a 
forthcoming email.

In general, I agree, either we should:
(a) revoke personhood from corporations or
(b) go all the way and embrace corporal punishment, etc. for misdeeds

I'm largly in favor of (a) because it ultimately entails an end to 
political lobbying and similar activities (e.g. campaign contributions), 
as well as personal responsibility for corporate malfeasance. In other 
words, if the company breaks the law while you're on the watch, then you 
are personally liable. A strong case could be made for (b), provided 
that a sufficiently powerful and well funded system was put in place to 
actually catch and prosecute corporations.


> sdw
> Elias Sinderson wrote:
>> Regina Schuman wrote:
>>> the next cause whould be removing tax-exempt status from churches, 
>>> since
>>> they have put themselves in the lobbying business.
>> or removing personhood status from the corporations, since they have 
>> shown themselves to be unfit for the priviledge.
>> Regards,
>> Elias

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