[FoRK] Let's start speaking the truth...

Mark Day mark_s_day at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 12:50:41 PST 2004

Maybe we should also drop the use of the term "war".  Or develop a
significantly better understanding of it.  

Reading Keegan's _A History of Warfare_ a few months ago really opened my
eyes to how unusual is the Western view of war, and the unlikelihood of
achieving the much-promised "victory" over the country/culture's various

And when I think about the shift from the England of my youth (when the IRA
started bombing English pubs) to now, it's pretty clear that whatever has
happened with that form of terrorism is not really a "victory" or
"surrender" by any of the parties.


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> One change, desparately needed, is to escape this
> Orwellian speech of terrorists, as if they had no
> cause or reason other than terror. We are at war
> not with communists or fascists or separatists, but
> with fundamentalists. That's what we need to
> call them.
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