[FoRK] fear / greed

Dave Long dl at silcom.com
Fri Nov 5 17:03:32 PST 2004

>>  Loosely defined, greed is "I want..." and fear is "I don't want..."
>>  All the many other "emotions" are just variations on those two
>>  themes...

I'd say what distinguishes fear and greed
from hunger and lust is the latter can be
satisfied more easily.  Finite amounts of
food or sex suffice for hunger or lust[0],
but greedy people may stay greedy despite
large amounts of acquisition, and fearful
people stay fearful, even when they don't
face serious threats.

> This is starting to sound like Conceptual Dependency.

which, in its way, sounds like Loglan, or
at least a good way to talk with Mycroft.


:: :: ::

[0] Maybe not at 16, but to judge by the
evidence of all the ad time for erectile
meds, I'd wager that the boomers are now
reduced to small integer lust, if not to
having lust only in their hearts.

:: :: ::

> So when do we start the punk touring band folks?

As soon as we figure out the chords to
"tomorrow belongs to me".

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