[FoRK] Re: Nipping this in the bud

Victor B. Stan victor_b_stan at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 5 20:31:16 PST 2004

I was not at all offended by your reply, thanks for replying, in fact, i 
have not even attributed these past few bickering to the same topic you 
replied to. So there is no connection in my mind, you are prejudging, i 
have not yet made any assertation to my point on socialism, you have 
just assumed i am one.

- Victor B. Stan
Two hundred years ago, Rousseau wrote with withering contempt about his 
civilized countrymen who have lost the very concept of freedom and "do 
nothing but boast incessantly of the peace and repose they enjoy in 
their chains.... But when I see the others sacrifice pleasures, repose, 
wealth, power, and life itself for the preservation of this sole good 
which is so disdained by those who have lost it; when I see animals born 
free and despising captivity break their heads against the bars of their 
prison; when I see multitudes of entirely naked savages scorn European 
voluptuousness and endure hunger, fire, the sword, and death to preserve 
only their independence, I feel that it does not behoove slaves to 
reason about freedom."

Jeff Bone wrote:
> Listen, Vic.  Can I call you Vic?  Or do you prefer Stan?  Never mind, 
> I'm going to call you Vic.
> If I pissed in your Post Toasties with my honest answer to your 
> socialism opinion poll / troll, my bad.  While in times past I might 
> indulge myself in some witty repartee / amusing enflamage offlist with 
> someone like this, I simply don't have the time and inclination for that 
> anymore.  You're welcome to take whatever position you like on FoRK on 
> whatever I say, and I might or might not respond as the mood strikes me 
> from time to time, but I really can't spare the cycles to spar with you 
> offlist.  So fyi, my bad for even responding in the first place, please 
> forgive.  Nothing personal, it's just I've got better things to do and 
> my dance card's pretty full already.
> Cheerio,
> jb

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