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Fair enough. Canada is a role model for the US, as is the US for
the world: nobody is wanted unless they are willing to pay for the 
mistakes and messes the locals have made, or best, work for 
starvation wages, usually off the books, long the prime source of 
penal-grade labor in the Echelon nations, not to say the, spit, 
Western and Eastern cultures -- out-sourcing has always been 
first in line right at home: wives, kids and the invisible caste-classes
who swab your puke and dump your garbage and bail you out of
the drunk tank.

Contamination by settlement of North America (and man-woman
marriage): pay for it, new immigrants (wives and kids), with cheap 
labor and keeping your thoughts very, very quiet, and don't bitch 
about master's eccentricities about sex. 

The first New World, as Old, settlers set these conditions for 
the natives and for anybody who came afterwards. That's how 
you succeed in the New Worlds, behave like Calvinist cum 
Libertarian cum Roman cum Roman Church pretend aristocrats: 
if you dont'have it you don't deserve it, but you can always steal
it the legal way, stock market and tithe basket, praise Allah for 
his valorizing wealth as salvation.

But, more of the defense budget goes for clean-up of its messes in
the US than for military health-care and benefits (overseas it has
hardly begun). The clean-up corporations are mostly the same ones 
which made the messes (this is the pattern since the Revolutionary
War), and they are not doing the job worth a shit, overruns and 
performance failures as bad as for unworkable but richly bragged-about 
armaments. If the bitching about contamination gets too loud, why
start another war.

The DC-area is one of the most contaminated parts of the US due 
to the plethora of toxic-puking mil installations. One of the worst is 
under American University and surrounding neighborhoods, across 
Nebraska Avenue from the headquarters of Homeland Security, 
itself once home of the military's oldest comsec unit.

As sleazy Hitchens and slews of other suck-ups of the rich and 
powerful have demonstrated, especially those predating from Canada: 

defend and flatter and amuse the privileged of the US-supremacist 
model of the New World as if the Old in new clothing, and you'll do 
quite well. But do not engage in dissent or your product won't move 
and your wise ass will be banished -- thanks to the scoundrels' 
patriotism embedded in the capitalist regime since day one.

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