[FoRK] How to design Electonic Voting Systems

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Not necessarily India-specific, but of interest to various folks...


>Very timely.
>                  Hitchhiker's World (Issue #9)
>              http://www.infosecwriters.com/hhworld/
>                     Observable Elections
>                     --------------------
>     Vipul Ved Prakash <mail @ vipul.net>
>     November 2004
>     This is an interesting time for electronic voting. India,
>     the largest democracy in the world, went completely paper-
>     free for its general elections earlier this year. For the
>     first time, some 387 million people expressed their
>     electoral right electronically. Despite initial concerns
>     about security and correctness of the system, the election
>     process was a smashing success. Over a million electronic
>     voting machines (EVMs) were deployed, 8000 metric tonnes of
>     paper saved[1] and the results made public within few hours
>     of the final vote. Given the quarrelsome and heavily
>     litigated nature of Indian democracy, a lot of us were
>     expecting post-election drama, but only a few, if any,
>     fingers were found pointing.
>     Things didn't fare so well in the United States.
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