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Subject: 	Cassini Article at IEEE Spectrum
Date: 	Sun, 07 Nov 2004 19:54:02 +0100
From: 	Luitjens Popken <lpopken at planet.nl>
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we have read Oberg's article in IEEE Spectrum about saving the Huygens 
mission from disaster, and we saw the comments in slashdot. The story is 
However, the information sources, which were used and are quoted by 
Oberg in his article about the role of a Rome-based company, are false. 
Nobody had overlooked the physical phenomenon of Doppler. All receiver 
design reports are correct and cover entirely the Doppler effect on the 
receiver design. Therefore, the design reviewers had been unable to 
detect any problem. The issue in the receiver is not a design problem, 
but it is an implementation problem. A bandwidth in the implementation 
is different from the design documentation and the intended value. This 
problem had unfortunately not been identified before mission launch 
because of a shortage in test coverage at unit level and system levels, 
i.e., the responsibility would need to be shared by different parties.
Oberg relied on sources in the US, who apparently did not know that the 
Huygens Enquiry Board Report from 2000 and its evidence had been smashed 
by the overwhelming different evidence discovered by the Huygens 
Recovery Task Force, which from 2001 found out the true story. The IEEE 
is requested to rectify the issue in order to avoid other procedures. 
Tough luck for Oberg, who meanwhile gets back to his US sources. 
Probably, he should have spent a phone call to Europe for cross-checking 
his article before print.
An Insider

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