[FoRK] Let's start speaking the truth...

Steve Nordquist signa at birch.net
Sun Nov 7 18:24:38 PST 2004

> Maybe we should also drop the use of the term "war".  Or develop a
> significantly better understanding of it.

>> One change, desparately needed, is to escape this
>> Orwellian speech of terrorists, as if they had no
>> cause or reason other than terror. We are at war
>> not with communists or fascists or separatists, but
>> with fundamentalists. That's what we need to
>> call them.

Truth kills a lot of people as it is, but we already have the promise of a post-
retirement career where people can start a harem and be right and get
fantastic service (maybe) ...what's religion doing loafing around in this space?
Is it the secrets thing? Old people need to develop lickable unknowables
that can't be subpoenaed, is that it?

Something so Andy Rooney has better evil to 'get behind, in his head.'


For years, it lay crushed and defeated below the winter cellars,
the four-seasons storage, media and Hi-8 levels of the Martha Stv4rt
household....one federal agent is about to discover the horror......

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