[FoRK] "Hopeful and Decent"

Gordon Mohr gojomofork at xavvy.com
Sun Nov 7 22:01:34 PST 2004

Russell Turpin wrote:
> J. Andrew Rogers:
>> There is very substantial resistance within the Republican Party to 
>> the idea.
> Not in the base. The moderates who haven't
> yet realized the nature of the new GOP soon
> will.

We shall see. I doubt even the reworded amendment, which would allow
legislation recognizing civil unions, will pass the Senate, and if it does,
it wouldn't pass 3/4ths of the enablingstates. We've shaken off dumb amendments
before (Bush-41's flag-burning amendment.)

According to the 2004 exit polls:

* same-sex couple (marriage | civil unions) are preferred by 60% of
   voters, against 37% for no legal recognition
* of those voters who prefer civil unions for same-sex couples,
   *51%* voted for Bush
* 48% of Bush voters supported either civil unions or marriage

And even some of those who want legal prohibitions against same-sex
marriage don't want to amend the consititution to achieve that end.

I know those Texas Republicans are mighty religious-righty. Perhaps
your proximity to them is giving you an inaccurate impression of the
Republican coalition?

- Gordon

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